Brooke and Drew Seeley

Seeley Fly album

It was the highlight of 2011 for me. Skyping is one thing, but actually getting to spend face time with Brooke, I walked away a changed person. My experience with ‘Fly,’ from writing the song through traveling to Baltimore to meet Brooke and shoot the video, was life-altering. It’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve been involved with, and I’m so grateful to have been invited to participate.” – Drew Seeley

Brooke was the very first patient to receive a song. When we met Brooke,
she was only 13 years old and battling bone cancer at Johns Hopkins
Hospital. Brooke was a huge fan of Drew Seeley’s music and acting,
and in 2011 we connected Drew with Brooke over Skype!   After
getting to know one another, Drew went on to create “Fly,” and visited
Brooke in Baltimore several months later to perform Brooke’s special
song for her and her friends and family.


drew and brooke

Brooke and Drew in
Disney World

Thanks to you I had the best day of my life! The song is so inspiring and makes me wanna just get up and walk.” – Brooke

This interaction sparked a friendship between Brooke and Drew that continued far past the release of “Fly.” Sadly, Brooke lost her battle to cancer in August of 2012.  But she saw “Fly” as her legacy on the world, her chance to give back despite her illness.  Brooke wanted to encourage others to keep fighting.   “Fly” has since been released to the public and continues to do just that every day.


Brooke and Her Mom

Brooke and Her Mom

I could never explain to you all how much that day and the days before meant to me and the love I have in my heart for each and every person that made Wednesday possible for Brooke and I. As her Mom, seeing the happiness that she had during the roughest time in her/our life means more than words could ever explain.” – Tammy, Brooke’s mom

It won’t only help Brooke but it helps everyone with low self esteem. It helps them realize that if you smile and live life without noticing the bad things, there will be a little more rainbow in you life.” – “Fly” YouTube viewer



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