Cindy, Sam Tsui, and Elle Winter

Tsui and Winter Unsinkable Cover

You’re not just performing for yourself… there’s so much more you can do as an artist and impact people’s lives.” – Elle Winter

Sixteen-year-old Cindy had the chance to meet two fantastic artists: Sam Tsui and Elle Winter.  Meeting for the first time, Elle visited Cindy in-person while Sam joined them over Skype at the Mount Kravis Children’s Hospital. The group got to know each other, and Cindy became the inspiration for “Unsinkable”.


Sam, Elle, and Cindy

Once the song was created, Sam and Elle visited the hospital to perform Cindy’s original song for her and her friends and family.  Like all of the original songs created through Music is Medicine, “Unsinkable” was released to the public.  The power of this song works two ways: comments not only share  how “Unsinkable” has touched people around the world but also motivate Cindy to stay strong in her battle against cancer.


Sam and Elle


 I can truly say that this is the most sweetest, breathtaking project that creates miracles for those who are in need of comfort.” – “Unsinkable” YouTube viewer

 “Don’t give up Cindy!! You gotta get up and try, try, try!!” – “Unsinkable” YouTube viewer




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