Lucas Grabeel and Samantha


Lucas and Samantha

 “It has been very wonderful to have a song written for me, I feel very special and loved.” – Samantha

In the fall of 2013, at 9 years old, Samantha was diagnosed with cancer that was discovered because of a painful tumor in her leg.  Samantha bravely went through surgery and radiation therapy to remove the tumor. Now, Samantha and her family make the weekly drive to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago for chemotherapy.  We met Samantha, at only 10 years old, and wanted to help her stay strong in her fight against cancer.

Actor and musician Lucas Grabeel, best known for his leading roles in ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ and Disney’s ‘High School Musical,’ joined the MiM family and got to know Samantha. “Getting to meet someone beforehand and connect with them through music gives it so much more meaning,” said Lucas.  He wrote and recorded the upbeat original “Beautiful Day” and came to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to perform the song for Samantha in March 2014.Lucas and Samantha

 “Samantha is an amazing person and definitely has made a giant impact on me.” – Lucas Grabeel

In the beginning of the music video for ‘Beautiful Day,’ Samantha asks “what’s your beautiful day?” The positive-focused song shows how despite a drive to the hospital every week for chemotherapy to battle her cancer, Samantha and Lucas are looking at the bright side, the beautiful side.

“Having Lucas come to Lurie’s during her time of Chemo, and she was doing radiation then also, seemed to truly change those bad days for her. When he sang the song for her it changed all of us, every word he wrote was for her and about her that’s just amazing talent. Between Music is Medicine and Lucas you’ve made a little girl’s dreams come true.” – Samantha’s Mom







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