Muriel and Maggie Sajak

Sajak Live Out Loud album“This project is so near to my heart because the song is inspired by the beautiful and brave Muriel Walters, a cancer patient at Johns Hopkins. Muriel is living out loud, and so should we.” –Maggie Sajak

Muriel was a sixteen-year-old cancer patient that, among other things, loved to sing.  But more than that, Muriel wanted to inspire others.  Artist Maggie Sajak helped Muriel do this by creating “Live Out Loud” in response to meeting and hanging out with her. Maggie wanted to share how Muriel touched her.

“One of the things I admired most about Muriel was how genuine she was. She talked very openly and honestly about her favorite things, her dreams and her cancer, but she spoke in a way that featured her spirit rather than her disease. It was obvious that, no matter what she was going through, she was so appreciative of those around her and of all the positive things in her life no matter how big or small. Undoubtedly she had bad days in addition to good days, but it seems that she viewed these ups and downs as part of life, not just as part of a cancer patient’s life. She never seemed to let her disease define her. Although she was a patient, more than anything, she was a 16-year-old girl.”maggie and muriel
Muriel and her battle with cancer inspired her entire community, so much so that they gathered to support her with a walk, 4 Laps 4 Muriel.  Unfortunately, Muriel lost her battle in 2014.  But her dream to inspire lives on through all the people that she has touched, including everyone around the world that listens to “Live Out Loud” and hears her story.
“Losing such a beautiful young life is beyond words. Those who were lucky enough to know Muriel or to even know her story must understand that her loss is nearly impossible to rationalize. Through the power of stories, pictures and music, I believe we can keep her very close to our hearts. I hope that her spirit was captured in Live Out Loud in a way that can continue her legacy and allow us to understand the journey of a brave young girl.  I know we can all learn something from Muriel and feel inspired to live life a little more fully…we, too, can choose to Live Out Loud.” – Maggie Sajak

“This is just beautiful. This song is something that will absolutely inspire anyone who listens to it.” – “Live Out Loud” YouTube viewer  




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