Donate a Song Project

The Donate a Song Project invites artists and bands from across the United States to record a song originally written for a pediatric patient as a form of inspiration.  A compilation of songs written for the patients will be placed onto an album and sold around the world to raise money for medical-related charities.

If you are an artist, band, recording company, or other music industry service who would like to get involved or a hospital or children’s center who’d like to be considered for participation please contact us for more information.

Music 4 Change Campaign

The Music 4 Change Campaign is Music is Medicine’s initiative to encourage musicians around the world to use their proficiency in music to give back to their communities. Musicians can start Music is Medicine chapters in which they will lead at least 3 music-related community action projects at local hospitals under our guidance and support. 

Besides spearheading our own music philanthropy projects, the Music 4 Change Campaign is a national effort to empower musicians everywhere to use their love of music to give back.