Ways to Heal the Body with Music

Music is Medicine

When a person is listening to their favorite type of music, it has the ability to change their mood. No matter what is going on throughout the day, the right type of music can really change how a person feels.

Even though most people know this to be the case, they do not really know exactly why music is able to heal the body. Here are a few ways to heal the body with music whenever there are issues.

Cheering Up/Motivating The Body

Music is Medicine

After a long day, it can be hard to cheer up and motivate the body. The same goes for the next morning. It can be a very frustrating experience to say the least. Listening to music can lift the mood of a person, especially if they are picking the right type of music.

The best type of music to cheer someone up and motivate is going to be very upbeat, energetic and full of a lot of rhythm. It helps to be familiar with the music that is being played as well. Maybe a person does not feel like singing along, but eventually it could happen if the mood is right. Understanding the music and knowing it beforehand is going to bring back a level of familiarity that a lot of people can get behind.

When listening to the music, it might take some time at first to really start to feel a change in mood. Sometimes, a person will just lay back and try to see if the music makes a difference. Others might opt to actively make changes, trying to perform stretches and exercises during the music. Dancing might even be involved. Any type of light movement is going to allow the music to really help.

Breathing is also important during this time. Matching the beat is something that a lot of people use as a beneficial trick.

Sleep aid

Falling asleep is something that seems easy enough, but there are people out there who really struggle to get a proper night of rest. When that is the case, there are many different methods to turn to. One way people can really start to get some better sleep is to listen to the right type of music.

When trying to fall asleep, the body responds to very quiet songs with a slower beat throughout. Nobody wants to be jamming out as they are trying to fall asleep on their bed, so something that is very light can be beneficial.

The body in general reacts to slowing down gradually instead of trying to do everything at once. Coupled with some deep breathing while listening, music can definitely help with sleep in general.

It is important for a lot of people to make sure that the music automatically stops when they do fall asleep. There are many settings on phones, sound systems and more to make sure that this happens. Waking up to music hours later can not only be a waste of battery life and power, but it can be a little annoying as well.

Falling asleep faster each day is definitely going to show some benefits for people who are struggling. Try a few different music methods out and see what works and what does not.


There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day and not knowing what to do with all the stress that has built up. Similar to when a body needs some cheering up, stress levels can be affected quite a bit by the right type of music. A person should be looking for music that will lower their blood pleasure and their heart rate as quickly as possible.

Music as a stress reliever can be very specific to a person. Some might gravitate towards only sticking to music that they are very familiar with. Others will actually prefer to listen to music with no lyrics, because then they do not have to stress about thinking of all the lyrics that go with the song. Light music in the background can sometimes be all that is needed to relieve stress.

Similar to sleeping, a person should try to reach a relaxed state of mind very quickly. Most people will try to stay off their feet, and all my other muscles are relaxed as much as possible. Stress can start to melt off the body if this is all done correctly.

Pain relief

Just about everyone deals with some type of pain every single day. While music is not going to replace visiting a doctor or getting surgery, it can help with the body feeling better by taking the mind off of things going on.

Mild pain that is chronic is something that music really helps with. When there are some bad stretches of pain, it can be a very distracting method for anyone. Not having to deal with all that goes with chronic pain is very beneficial.

Others will use music when going through more stressful situations. Something like a surgical procedure when a person is actually awake can be slightly more tolerable with music being played. Anything that can be distracting from the pain that is about to set in can be a beneficial way to heal the body and keep it feeling great.

Comfort level is really beneficial when dealing with pain. If possible, always be in control of the music that is being played during the healing process.